TIEplus 2020

Welcome to the 2020 edition of the TIEplus Signal and Power Integrity Challenge!

The diagram below describes a simplified architecture of an augmented reality headset system which divided into three functional modules ( Processing Module, Light-Control Engine and Picture-Projection ).

You are tasked with the challenge of designing part of the critical electrical connections within the Light-Control Engine and Picture-Projection modules, which together form the Picture Generation Unit (PGU).

The entire system will be designed on a single PCB in rigid-flex technology with Polymide based substrate for the flexible areas.

Your design objectives are as follows:

  1. Ensure Signal Integrity of the Sub-LVDS video interface on the PGU
    • Define the routing recommendations 
    • Evaluate channel compliance and signal quality using appropriate simulations
  2. Thermal modeling 
    • Analyze the thermal distribution of the PGU based on equivalent thermal network modeling in steady-state
  3. Ensure Power Integrity of the 1V1 core supply rail on the Light-Control Engine 
    • Define the PDN (power delivery network) solution including decoupling capacitor network and routing directives for the power rail 
    • Evaluate PDN performance using appropriate simulations in both DC and AC domains
    • Consider the thermal distribution impact on PCB and component performance for the power integrity analysis

To help you in this quest we will provide you with the following information during the solving period:

  • Component placement drawing
  • PCB stack-up
  • IC datasheets and IBIS models
  • Thermal requirements and modeling inputs

Download TIEplus 2020 Brief Subject as pdf file using the link below:

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